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Church Bio

THE SANCTUARY OF LIFE MINISTRIES was inaugurated in Lagos Nigeria in December 1999, after the ordination of Rev. Wisdom Akinola Babalola and he served as the Lead Pastor of its Church arm (Full Redemption Bible Church)for seven years, between December 1999 to June 2006 afterward the ministry focuses on outreaches. Back then, as an outreach ministry, our President helped and supported other ministries/churches in Nigeria in various capacities to advance the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Sanctuary of Life Ministries is an Evangelical, Pastoral, and Teaching based ministries, focusing on the continent of Africa, South East Asia, and the Americas (North, South & Central) regions. We are currently taking full advantage of electronic media to preach and advance the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The core of our teachings is abundant life, faith, love, prosperity, hope, and capacity development/building. We are a Pentecostal ministry that believes in “Holy Ghost Fireworks” and emphasizes the ministry of the Holy Spirit’s personality, whose indwelling enables Christians to live a godly life. We are a praying ministry that operates and encourages the full manifestation of the gifts and fruits of the Spirit, to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Sanctuary of Life Ministries is the umbrella body of this commission, while Wisdom Akinola Babalola Global Outreach (WABGO) serves all its world-wide outreach engagements. The focus of WABGO is to achieve Global Human Sustainable Development from Scriptural and Spiritual point of view in Africa, South East Asia, and our base the Americas through preaching, teaching, and practical demonstration of the Words and Works of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor's Bio

Rev. Wisdom Akinola Babalola, is the President/Lead Pastor, at The Sanctuary of Life Ministries and the Evangelist-in-Chief of Wisdom Akinola Babalola Global Outreach. He had a genuine encounter with the Lord 31 years ago, while in College in Nigeria. His early spiritual nurturing was received from Scripture Union Nigeria (a part of Scripture Union Worldwide) and several leading Christian ministries in Nigeria. During his undergraduate studies in the early 90s, he was active in Campus Christian service. As the Bible Study Coordinator and eventually the President of the Christian Union Fellowship (the most significant student Fellowship on Campus at that time in his college). Very passionate about the body of Christ among student, he was led by the Holy Spirit to form the Central Christian Body (CCB) in 1993, an organization that brought all the Christian fellowship on campus together, through- ‘joint evangelism/crusade activities,’ ‘occasional corporate fellowship,’ ‘joint-fellowship’ among other activities, that body is still very active till date. As an avenue to reach out to his course mates in the Mass Communication Department, with the support of a Christian lecturer, a  departmental fellowship “Christ Communicators” was inaugurated in 1994, this fellowship is actively involved in inter-departmental evangelism till date on that campus. The hands of the Lord were evident and strong in his life during and after his college days, and his calling to the work of the Ministry was revealed and confirmed from the book of Isaiah 49:1-6.

After college, he pioneered several Christian works and outreaches and was ordained into the Ministry in December 1999. Shortly after his ordination, The Sanctuary of Life Ministries was inaugurated. He served as the Lead Pastor of its Church arm (Full Redemption Bible Church)for seven years; between December 1999 to June 2006 afterward, the Ministry focuses on outreaches.

For about fourteen years, he combined the Ministry’s work with his circular profession as a Sales, Business Development, and Account Management expert until December 2014, when he relocated to the United States of America. Rev.Wisdom, holds a Master of Science degree in Health Services Administration (MSHSA), a second Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), and Bachelors in Communications. In 2005, he graduated from  Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) Lagos, Nigeria, where he obtained Basic Certificate, Leadership Certificate, and Leadership Diploma, all in Ministry. He further attended CECOM for Leadership Foundation Course in Ministry 2014; and Christian Fundamental Certificate Course in Ministry 2014, in Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a licensed Ordained Minister in the United States with its full right and privileges. He operates the offices of a Pastor, Teacher, and an Evangelist. Rev. Wisdom’s immediate family is actively involved in the work of the Ministry.